I’m Sanna Väätänen. I’m a painter, photographer and an illustrator. Making art has been a part of my life always, since early childhood. It’s been something that I just want to do, I’ve just felt drawn to it. I believe that art has power to transform and heal. In my art I want to bring happiness, balance and power to people.

I’ve been wanting to start this website a long time ago. It’s not been easy, even though I’m a professional web developer. It has not been about lack of technical skills, but nagging questions like am I good enough or what if no-one shows any interest in my art had built a cage around me and I just couldn’t show my art to people. I believe that everyone is creative and if art is something that you feel drawn to I encourage you to try! It is not just about the skills. Just start and notice how the process feels. Maybe you find it enjoyable or even lose track of time. I’ve eventually found the adult inside me who supports the inner child so she can shine like a star and proudly make art! I hope this site encourages you either as an art viewer or as a maker.

All artwork on this website is made by me. I welcome you to take a look! If you’d like to buy something or want to ask me a question, send me an email at sanna@shootingstarart.com. Sanna