I’ve been having a long and wide artist’s block for quite some time now, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be ending soon. I’m not at all worried about these dry spells, because they’re part of the creative process. It has been quite frustrating though at times when nothing comes out. I start to blame myself that I’m an impostor and not a real artist at all, because I haven’t produced a huge number of paintings and drawing over the past few years. Actually I have been making more art than the nasty voice inside my head wants me to believe. The artwise slower time has also allowed me to grow, and I know that when something new starts to emerge, it will be so much more than before. It will be partially the same, but also different, building on top of what I have done before and what I have been before, but with the new flavor of what I am now.

This video shows my first ever finished art journal that I made this Christmas, when I felt that I have to get my artistic self-esteem back. I felt quite miserable and thought that I needed some outer guidance. I looked for many ecourses and books online, but when I finally found Jane Davenport’s Frolicaholic ecourse I knew it was what I needed. I’ve taken other Jane’s courses too, but this one concentrates especially on helping us to start believing in our abilities and ourselves as creative people. I’ve also done some art journaling before, but as I mentioned above, this is the first journal that I’ve finished! Hooray! I intentionally didn’t add too many pages, so it would be possible for me to finish it in just a few days. I also gave myself permission to make easy pages, with simple drawings and paintings that I enjoy making. The idea of this journal is that it’s fun to make. The simpler pages are just as wonderful as others that I’ve spent more time working on.

Perfectionist tip: If you want to finish something, start a very small journal. Then, if you can, don’t try to make every page a detailed masterpiece.