Happy New Year 2015


I wish you a happy and artistic new year 2015!

Personally I’m sure that year 2015 will be a good year. 2014 was very hard, but helped clarify some important issues about how to live my life. This is what I see in my 2015:

– I’m going to choose myself first and others and all problems in the world second, every day. This is not selfishness, but something I definitely have to do to go on. I know many people know what I mean.
– I’m going to finish all projects I have already started in January and February and not start new ones before that and before I have taken some time for myself. Clarity about next steps will come naturally then.

The photo was taken a few days after Christmas here in Finland. It was cold, around -20C (-4F), which is maybe colder than usually in December, but not unheard of.