Panorama by the Sea

Sea PanoramaThis photo was taken in a secluded dock about 20 km from my home. When I was studying photography I was excited when we learned how to make panoramas and have continued taking them ever since! This photo consists of five photos. You can probably quite easily notice the curved and bumpy horizon, but some other oddities are not so easy to notice unless you were there. 🙂

Snow Flowers

One cold morning it had snowed. The snow was very light, and there were nice and fluffy layers of snowflakes on tree branches.

Prints are available for 30€ per image. The photos are printed on high quality photo paper with water and light resistant inks. Print size is about 29 x 19 cm (11.5 x 7.5″). There is a thin white border around the image to help framing. Fits a standard A4 size photo frame. I can accept payments via PayPal or directly to my bank account. No cheques unfortunately. If you’re interested in different sizes, please email me. Send orders and questions to

Pinhole series

Pinhole camera photography is fun, relatively simple and cheap. All you need is a cardboard box as a camera. 🙂 Of course the process is a bit more complicated, but not that hard. And the photos look amazing! They’re not perfect of course, if you compare them to photos taken with modern digital cameras, but the imperfections actually make the pinhole photos interesting.

Prints are also available for 25€ each. The size is about 19 x 17 cm (7.5 x 6.7″). The sizes vary a bit – email me if you want to be sure. 🙂 The Cattails photo is a bit taller than the others, width about 17 cm. These are digital prints. The original is a traditional photo developed in a dark room, but I don’t have the resources to make copies that way. The digital prints are wonderful anyway. See details about the prints above, in the Snow Flowers section! The photos are printed on A4 paper – by default I’ll leave a nice white border around the photos, but if you’d like, I can leave it uncut too.